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My Client Testimonials from Buyers and Sellers

One of the reasons I became a Realtor is because I love helping people and enjoy providing the best possible customer service I can.  Because my clients have had a great experience working with me, many of them have referred their friends and colleagues to me as well.

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Linda Carmichael

"Laura Kaufman worked with me over the span of 1.5 years while I familiarized myself with the SF market, locations and neighborhoods, the real estate process in the US, and determined my own budget. I had read reviews online and Laura's clients had much praise for her, so I knew that I would be in  good hands. It was apparent early on in my search for a home that she is a well respected Realtor in San Francisco. Laura completely guided and supported me thought this "purchase journey" and I'm so pleased with the results. She dealt with any challenges we faced and was a strong advocate for me through the entire process. She was always very responsive and truly goes above and beyond by ensuring you're involved in the process, understand all the components, and are familiar with the paperwork. She always made time for me and I appreciated her depth of expertise! If I ever purchase or sell in the area again, Laura would be my only pick as my agent. Amazing woman!"



Brian Neidig and Kelsey Blank

"Laura was excellent -- very knowledgable about the market, got right down to business about the property to discuss points that matter when making a purchase, and was extremely attentive to our needs. After purchase, she managed the process meticulously to make sure we took all the right steps to waive contigencies and make it through escrow."



Susan Livingood

"Laura did an excellent job as my real estate agent. She is strategic, thinks of everything, and is very responsive. She guided and supported throughout the entire process. She developed a marketing plan that was extremely successful. I sold 38% above my asking price! Laura is terrific. I could not have had a better real estate agent. I highly recommend her."



Aaron Martinez and Salena Bailey

"Laura came highly recommended by some good friends of ours. From start to finish she was generous with her time and expertise. We really appreciated Laura's straightforward and pragmatic approach. She consistently provided solid advice and kept us on track . . . Laura's clearly been in the industry for a long time and has wide connections in the SF real estate market. We always got extra attention at open houses when we mentioned that Laura was our agent. She was super responsive, often emailing or texting back within minutes. She wouldn't hesitate to get on the phone at 10:00 PM to walk us through a disclosure or guide us through a contract. Finally, she helped us get all of our business in order for a 14-day close which helped us get the house we live in today! Laura helped us buy a house in this crazy real estate market. We love our house and owe it to her."



Jodi and Francis Baker

"Laura was our listing agent, selling our condo in San Francisco. We started the process with her over a year earlier.  One of the biggest factors of us deciding to list with Laura was her emphasis on our personal timing.  When asking her about the timing of the market and its fluctuations, she kept saying that the right time to sell is the time that fits in with our schedules and our life circumstances. My wife and I really responded to this holistic approach . . .  She was so patient with us and never pushed us into selling. She would always say "do it when it's right for you".   

One of the greatest things my wife and I loved about Laura was how responsive she is. When we were ready to move forward, she was there for us. As busy as she is, we always heard back from her immediately when we had a question.  Like most first time sellers, we needed some hand holding and she was there every step of the way. When it came time to look at the offers, Laura had worked the whole day whipping the bidding agent's offers into shape.  When we met to go over the offers, she listed them in order of what she saw as the strongest and then educated us on every detail. It was very straightforward and enjoyable.

At the end of the day, we felt very taken care of by good hands."



Sai Seigel and Cole Westbrook

"We just worked with Laura again, and once again she has been amazing! We greatly appreciated her expertise, thoroughness, and commitment. She made the stressful house hunting process as easy and painless as she could. We started our house search with very low expectations that we would be able to find an "affordable" (by San Francisco standards) single family home that we would love. She was candid and realistic with us about our chances, making sure that we didn't waste much time looking at places that would sell beyond our budget. At the same time, she was always very encouraging during the search, making sure that we didn't make offers out of desperation on places that she knew we wouldn't be happy in. She always responded to us quickly and thoroughly. She was available at all times, including late at night, on weekends, and on vacation. She was especially helpful in reviewing and understanding the disclosure documents. Laura also connected us with a great mortgage officer who was able to secure our financing under a very tight 14 day escrow. We love our new home so much and can't recommend Laura more highly!"



Dave Pekar and Alexandra Goldman

"Wow, Laura is awesome!  She gave us tons of personal attention and was extremely responsive via phone and email.  She would regularly send us listings for homes that met our specific criteria, rather than sending a generic set of listings like some other agents.  She definitely made us feel as if our search was a priority for her.  

Laura also impressed us with her ethics.  Several times we were interested in home for superficial reasons, but didn't have the insight to realize these homes might not be a good investment. Laura gently discouraged us from pursuing these properties.  After talking with more experienced home owners, we realized that this is an extremely rare trait in a real estate agent, and is certainly a sign of Laura's integrity and commitment to her clients.  

Laura made us feel confident and taken care of throughout the entire process, and now we live in a beautiful home that we are grateful for everyday!  We would absolutely recommend working with Laura!"



Diana and Rick Friedman

"My wife and I worked with Laura . . . . to find us a condo in San Francisco . . . As we all know, the market right now is super crazy - you can tell by all the reviews from sellers saying how happy they are getting way over their asking price.  Well on the buyers side that's not such a great thing.  But Laura . . . helped us navigate through the process even when slanted heavily against buyers as the market is today.  She always provided an honest and accurate assessment of the market situation and pricing surrounding the various properties we looked at.  Her advice on what to offer . . . was very helpful and instrumental in our ultimately being successful.  Her knowledge and patience in addressing all the steps and the questions that came up was exceptional.  She was also extremely responsive, a pleasure to work with overall.  We wholeheartedly endorse her as a great agent to guide you through the market and help you achieve your goals."



Justin Martinkovic and Kristin Castelli

"Laura is a great agent who helped my wife and I land a great house at a really good price.  She is very honest and forthright, which is an important attribute to me when seeking information to make a decision.  Laura was very available to us, followed up in a timely manner, and was very PROACTIVE on our behalf, which seems rare these days in any profession, and was always friendly and enjoyable to work with. She gave us great advice on terms and negotiation, which was instrumental in helping us land a house we loved.  She also built a great team around us in our mortgage broker Stanley Erker at Wells Fargo and Kelley Lillis at Fidelity National Financial as our escrow agent.  The team was excellent.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura!"



Tracy and Aaron Stone

"I hired Laura again to sell my condo, and she did an outstanding job! Laura coordinated the staging and photos and had a really clear, effective process for our open house and broker tours. We have an small child and had the additional challenge of wanting to live in the house as it was being sold and marketed and that didn't pose a problem for Laura. Our house sold for 10% over ask and the price actually set a record for our condo complex!  She even negotiated a 2 month rent-back so we had time to find a new home! 

And.  . . we bought our new home with Laura's help on a very tight deadline (well before our rent back was over!).  Again, Laura takes care of everything from the moment we said that we wanted to make an offer! We got the house at "ask" in this crazy bidding-war market and the negotiation with the buyer was straightforward. We had some delays with our bank and Laura was on the ball, following up and asking all the right questions. She was there with us through the signing on the dotted line! We couldn't be more delighted with this process, with Laura, and with moving into our new family home!"



Jessica Lan

"I can personally attest that all the fantastic reviews of Laura are completely true. As a first time home buyer, I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to Laura. Her . . . professionalism, expertise, honesty, consideration and promptness (I could go on...), all surpassed my expectations. From speaking with friends who have also recently purchased or sold homes, real estate agents who are of such caliber are few and far between. From my initial meeting with them all the way down to post-moving in details, Laura was there to make sure I was completely satisfied with every last bit of the process. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the general real estate market as well as the minute details of everything involved in the purchase process. Beyond this knowledge, she is constantly looking out for the very best for her client. I highly highly recommend Laura to anyone who is considering selling or purchasing a home in SF. As another reviewer put is, THE BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT EVER!"



Jamil and Landon Zaki

"Laura is the best real estate agent we could have imagined working with.  We are thrilled with our new home and have it thanks to her.  I contacted Laura over a year before we moved to SF, during a visit when I wanted to check out some properties  . . .  Later when my wife and I were finally ready to jump into the market, Laura was the first person we contacted.  Immediately we were happy we had done so, as she was incredibly responsive and thoughtful throughout the process . . .

We were lucky to find a place in which we were interested pretty quickly!  Laura helped by giving us an honest assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.  We never, ever felt that she was trying to "sell" us in order to gain for herself.  Instead, she seemed primarily concerned with making sure we'd be happy with wherever we ended up.  When we did decide to move forward, she painstakingly walked us through every aspect of the purchase itself.  Without her, we might have been lost in a tsunami of documents, but she made sure we were clear on each step of the way.  

Laura stands out for her honesty, responsiveness, and integrity.  We have recommended her to close friends and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.  She is the best!"



Courtney and James Trump

"Laura is AMAZING!

After a year of searching, having spent countless hours with other agents, we decided that the only way we’d have a chance in the crazy SF market was to find an agent that was deeply entrenched in the happenings of the market, super well connected and completely on top of it.

We found Laura on Yelp and our experience held true to every positive review she had. She was fantastic, the second a property hit the market we knew about it…if we wanted information about the property that she didn’t already know she always got back with us immediately with the answers. She went above and beyond with her research, saving us from putting in an offer on a property that had a new development slated to steal its views!

Every time we made an offer she did all she could to follow it minute by minute, give us constant updates and try to give us as much of an edge as she could. In the end we found a beautiful home. Laura not only got us a huge credit back from the seller (despite the competitive conditions) but she even introduced us to an amazing contractor who helped us fully renovate our new home.

We love Laura! We are so grateful to have met her and to have had her full support from start to finish. We can’t say enough good about her and refer her every chance that we get. We highly recommend using her! Thank you Laura!!!"



Nelson Goodell

"It's rather remarkable to be writing this review less than two months after meeting Laura, and it's a testament to her responsiveness, professionalism, and organizational skills.  I started looking at condominiums in San Francisco shortly before meeting Laura, and realized that I would benefit from working with an agent . . . speaking with Laura helped me narrow down my search and realize what type of place I was truly looking for.  Laura also taught me a ton about the intricacies/vagaries of the unique San Francisco real estate market, and provided valuable insight on how to approach presenting an offer on a piece of real estate here.  She is also a very well-respected member of her professional community.  I did not meet a single real estate agent in my search who not only knew who she was, but also did not have great things to say about her.

I was vigilant in my search, and sent Laura multiple e-mails per day frequently asking about different properties.  She almost always responded the same day, and typically raised issues that I had not previously thought of.  I also appreciated her candor, frankness and analysis of what offers were likely to be accepted, and which properties to not waste my time on.  As a busy small business owner, I don't have time to waste!

I just closed on a condominium in my favorite neighborhood in San Francisco, and at a price that cannot be beat.  I believe that I benefited from Laura's superb presentation of my offer, because my offer was not even the highest submitted on the property that I ended up purchasing!  I think that agents take offers submitted by Laura seriously, due to her excellent reputation and ability to get deals done. Through it all, Laura was a relaxed, detail-oriented advocate to have on my side.  She made this process very seamless, and I now have a place in my dream neighborhood in San Francisco.  Needless to say, I highly recommend her services!"



Charlene and Ankur Chopra

"My wife and I recently sold our condo in SF. After meeting with a couple of agents, we selected Laura to represent us based on a few factors. Her experience, negotiation skills, and understanding of the market came across immediately. She presented us with samples of marketing material (which looked amazing) and a detailed outline/schedule of the selling process. We were also impressed by her ability to reduce and present complex information down to what we really cared about (like the pros and cons on the terms of an offer). 

Laura navigated us through the selling process, which lasted only a few weeks and was hassle-free. She provided sound and conservative guidance as we compiled disclosure material, performed inspections, and prepared our condo for the sale. In the end, we were particularly happy with the offer terms she negotiated, and we honestly feel like we were at an advantage having Laura representing us.

We wouldn't think twice about working with Laura again if we were staying in the area, and we would recommend her for anyone selling or buying property in SF!"



Nestor Hernandez and Alexandra de Ledebur

"My husband and I picked Laura as our real estate agent due to her great reviews and couldn't be happier we did! Laura may just be the perfect real estate agent: never pressuring, quick to respond, and was incredibly informative. She takes the time to find out what it is you're really looking for and has the skills and connections to make it happen.

Our home search took us close to a year across many SF neighborhoods. We didn't know what we wanted at first, but Laura was with us the entire way, even helping us find a great agent in the Peninsula when it was looking like that might be an option. In the end we closed on the perfect Noe home for us, more than we expected to get in this crazy market.

We highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a home in San Francisco. She must have countless clients but throughout the whole process we felt like we were her only client. Thank you Laura!!"



Anny Chen

"My fiancé and I got in touch with Laura after seeing her top reviews on Trulia and Yelp. We were first-time home buyers and completely new to the SF housing market. After our first meeting with Laura, we immediately felt like we could work with her. She was patient in answering all of our questions and walked us step-by-step through the home-buying process. She also helped inform our expectations on what we could realistically get in this market and was always objective in her assessment of potential units that we were looking at.

Given the competitive housing market, it was a relief to have Laura help us navigate through real estate listings, the bidding process, and eventually closing escrow on a condominium unit in less than a month! I was impressed by how responsive Laura is via text or e-mail; she works tirelessly and is always quick to respond to a request or issue anytime of the day or night. She is experienced and knowledgeable about the local market--all the agents we spoke to at open houses knew of Laura when we mentioned her name which was a reassuring factor for us. When we were in the process of making an offer on a unit, Laura was proactive in reaching out to the seller's agent and keeping us as informed as possible. She made sure we covered all our bases and helped scheduled all of my meetings with the inspector, escrow officer, and even put us in touch with an insurance agent once the deal was closed.

It was a pleasure to work with Laura in purchasing our first home, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy in this market."



Masa and Angela Fisher

"My 7 month pregnant wife and I were in a crunch. We had to sell our condo (first) then find a home in the City at a ‘SF’ affordable price, all before our due date . . .

Laura was very professional, warm and organized. She was interested in our goals and really listened to our needs . . .  one of the greatest bonuses were her connections. She had us on tap for fantastic stagers (Fresh Home Staging), an awesome mortgage broker (Cecelia Tyeskey) and whatever else we needed . . . On our sales end, we sold our condo over asking after two quick weekend showings . . . she was always responsive to emails and texts and calls.

The biggest coup was when we found our (now new!) home, she made it all happen, quickly and with advice about how to make an attractive and very strong, but not outside of our means, offer. In large part from their guidance, among four other strong bids, ours was chosen and now we have our dream home! What a pleasure it was to work with Laura . . . I'd highly recommend her for selling and/or buying your home."



Dave Logan and Amanda Mazur

"For anyone looking to buy property in in San Francisco, Laura Kaufman is the real estate agent you need! When my husband and I decided to start our search for our first house we had no idea what kind of challenge we were getting ourselves into . . . Laura was persistent and patient through the entire process . . . She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had and give us the complete rundown on any listings we were interested in. 

Laura is incredibly professional and has established an excellent reputation as an agent in San Francisco. It seems that every agent in the area knows who Laura is and only has good things to say about her. Her experience in the San Francisco market provides her with the expertise to predict which offers will be competitive. Once we decided to put an offer on the table, Laura was quick to follow up with the seller to make sure we were among the top of the offers to be considered, which ultimately helped us beat out 7 other offers to land our new home. 

We were always confident Laura would give us her honest and knowledgeable opinion, a much appreciated quality for anyone looking to buy. Regardless of how aggressive the San Francisco real estate market can be, Laura never pushes her clients to do anything they are not completely comfortable or happy with.  It is clear that Laura's number one priority is to have clients feeling confident and satisfied with their real estate purchases. 

It was such a pleasure to work with Laura from the very beginning to closing. We were so happy we found and chose to work with Laura. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate agent in San Francisco."



Anne and Adam Avruskin

"We had a fantastic experience selling our house with Laura.  It was the first time we had sold a home, and Laura expertly guided us through the process.  There is a huge amount to coordinate in selling a home, and she was an expert team leader in making sure everything got done, got done well, and got done when it needed to.  She was so on top of everything that it really took a huge load off of us.  She was extremely accessible and always willing to answer any question - and her answers were always right on and showed her experience, knowledge and acumen.

She made sure our home looked great, did an outstanding job marketing it, and guided us through the offer review process as well. Selling a house can be nerve-wracking, but having someone like Laura working with us made it so much easier and less stressful and helped the whole process go really well."



Todd Lane and Margaret Abeles

"Laura is the consummate professional and advocate when purchasing a house. She gives objective and straightforward advice, relentlessly follows up on every detail and is very anticipatory about your needs. She was also very good about setting realistic expectations in this red hot market. We are delighted with our house and almost every day remember some characteristic about the house that Laura pointed out to us. Most of all, Laura genuinely wants people to be happy with their choice of home. We highly recommend Laura."



Karen Tom

"I highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for a real estate agent. As a first time homebuyer, she guided me every step of the way. Laura spent time understanding my requirements and needs. She researched and provided me weekly listings of available real estate in my price range and prioritized them based on what I was looking for. Laura is an extremely seasoned realtor and gave me referrals and recommendations when I needed it. She stayed on top of the process, from providing a timeline after I went into escrow, to providing reminders of upcoming milestones. Laura kept me informed, was honest and made me feel like she was on my side, fighting for my best interest. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, efficient, real estate agent, Laura will not let you down and will provide you with the service you deserve."



Jonathan and Lani Martin

"We just sold our home and couldn't be more pleased with how smooth the process was, due to Laura and her team. We chose Laura for her extensive knowledge of San Francisco real estate, her professionalism, and her confidence. We planned to move (and did) across the country while our home was being prepped for sale, so it was essential that we had an agent we could rely on and trust.  After our initial meeting, Laura provided us with detailed information about the logistics of our sale - from general information about the current market, to comps to a calendar detailing our home improvement process . . . and marketing plan . . .  One of the things we really appreciated about Laura was her sense of urgency; everything was a priority. Whenever we had a question, whether via email or phone, she responded right away. She kept us up to date on every step of the selling process, and called or emailed after every open house and showing to give us the run-down (which was very comforting, especially since we were no longer living in California at this point).  From our initial meeting to the closing of our sale, we felt as if we were Laura's only client. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home!!"



Chet Gohd

"I have Laura to thank for my beautiful view! I decided to relocate to SF and needed a seasoned professional to help me navigate through the process. Laura Kaufman was exceptional as she helped educate me on the various neighborhoods I was considering and advocated for me each time I found a property to offer on. Laura was instrumental in helping me get ahead of the market on the condo I purchased and I couldn't have asked for better representation. Thanks Laura!"



Michael Varghese

"I worked with Laura both in buying and selling my 2 BR / 1 BA condo in San Francisco.  As a first time home-buyer, working with Laura was the easiest and best part of the process.  Buying a home in San Francisco is a very stressful experience, but Laura is extremely knowledgable and provided a lot of guidance throughout the entire process.  She was always available by email and responds faster than I could've ever expected.  She's very detail focused and helped me understand all the ins and outs of home buying in San Francisco. I never felt unprepared when moving forward with either buying or selling my home.  She made sure I knew timelines and the necessary steps I had to take.  Her knowledge of the market and her ability to organize such a complex process helped a lot. Since I had a great experience in buying a home with her, she was my first choice to sell my home as well. Preparing my home for sale was a lot of work and coordinating many different contractors.  Laura was amazing in coordinating everyone and providing great recommendations on who to use.  Every single contractor and partner she worked with also kept singing her praises (handyman, inspection, escrow, etc.).

I highly recommend Laura and would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home."




Rosie and Gary Williams

"Thanks to Laura . . . we sold our home quickly, with confidence and for more than we expected.

As first-time sellers, we had a lot to learn. Laura guides you in the nicest way. She actively listen to your concerns and needs, and does whatever she can to work through obstacles and get you what you really want (which can include more than just money). We were so impressed with her creative problem solving. She gets things done.

The sale of your home can be a roller coaster. Maybe you need to hustle and get your house on the market 3 weeks before you planned. Maybe the process makes you tired and grouchy. Maybe your cat decides to pee on the doormat right before your open house. Whatever you're dealing with, Laura will help you handle it. Her smart strategies and good humor got us through the process about as painlessly as possible. We're very grateful we found her."



Ayuko and Edouard Picot

"We just closed on a house in West Portal thanks to the wonderful help we received from Laura. Laura was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the daunting San Francisco house hunting process. No matter what what time of the day it was, Laura was always available. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about the San Francisco housing marketing, but she also provides good advice on what to look for when visiting a house. Overall, it has been a great experience working with Laura as she is very good at what she does and extremely committed to her clients."



Dr. Tom Lee

"Simply put, Laura is an all-star.  Smart, detailed, experienced, relentless (on your behalf), and able to find the right deal based on *your* needs.  She has an open/honest style that you'll find refreshing in the world of real estate."




Huey Family

"This letter comes with much heart-felt enthusiasm and appreciation, warmth and high recommendations for Laura Kaufman . . . We successfully sold our house after receiving numerous offers (over 10), all above the asking price, in about a two week period. 

Laura was referred by a friend who was enthusiastic with the sale of their property.  We were “wowed” after viewing the website created for their house.  Laura is very professional, warm, personable, understanding and extremely well organized.  We really felt that she was working for us and provided us with guidance that was in our best interest. The home was in need of numerous improvements in addition to the removal of its contents accumulated over many years.  With steadfast guidance, she helped us decide what needed to be done to prepare the property to get the best value for our money . . . The marketing materials which included a website, brochure and leaflet were just gorgeous and so inviting that they made us feel very proud to have owned this home.  She helped us with reviewing the many offers by putting them in a matrix and figuring out which ones were best for us. 

We are so thankful and very appreciative of having hired Laura. We highly recommend her and would definitely use her again if we had another property to sell or buy."



Susan Wilson and Aaron Michel

"My husband and I were first-time homebuyers when we started working with Laura, and she was FANTASTIC. She was so patient and clear as she guided us through the process - we always felt like she was looking out for us and taking the extra time to explain every step. She was also incredibly knowledgeable and honest - we always felt like she was telling us the absolute truth and not just what we wanted to hear, which was so important. She helped us think through all the questions we needed to be asking, and brought up issues that we never would have thought of ourselves. She was truly our advocate throughout the whole process, and it was clear from the start that she had great relationships with other realtors in SF - everyone we spoke with knew who she was and respected her. She also really went the extra mile and helped us navigate remaining questions and issues even after we purchased our home, which was totally above and beyond. We found our dream home and could not have done it without Laura - we would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to buy in SF. She's the BEST, you can't go wrong with Laura!"



Grant Family

"We engaged to work with Laura, based on her rave Yelp reviews, and were not disappointed. Before our first meeting, she had already gone to see the house we mentioned as a potential interest, and had responded with a rational and well-balanced perspective on its market value and attractiveness.  She quickly gathered insights into our requirements, preferences and lifestyle, and identified a number of lovely options for us to consider. During viewings, she was highly constructive, educating us (at our request) on topics as varied as building code, remodeling costs, schools, neighborhoods, contract stipulations and much more. Her experience as an agent, and in this market, was indisputable.

In terms of process, Laura was highly organized and responsive - communication always timely, and each process step executed seamlessly.  Both during mortgage application and building inspection, we took full advantage of her contacts (with banks, plumbers, etc.) 

Working with Laura was a pleasure; she is friendly, energetic and a committed advocate during and after the home purchase.  We highly recommend her!"




Megan and Brad Rogerson

"We met with Laura back in 2010 just wanting to explore the option of putting our home on the market. We decided not to at that time but when we DID decide to go ahead and list our home in summer of 2012, Laura helped us tremendously.

She is truly a class act and Zephyr has the best marketing of any real estate agency I've seen. One weekend our house was staged, the following day a photographer came through and just a day after that there were gorgeous brochures and a fabulous website showcasing our home. Her marketing and connections work: we had over 100 people at our first open house! Are you kidding me?!?! When does that EVER happen!

She helped us sell our home with multiple offers AND over asking! We'd definitely recommend Zephyr and specifically Laura if you're getting ready to, or even just thinking of, selling."



Susan Vander May

"Laura is amazing. I was a first-time home buyer and was looking for an agent that would really take the time to hold my hand and guide me through this entire process. I talked to several agents - even some referrals - before I found Laura on Yelp and am so grateful I found her!

She spent the time to really get to know me and what I was looking for. We submitted a few offers before finally getting my dream place. The only reason I got the place I'm in now is because Laura was quick and aggressive on my behalf. She had an appointment for me to see the place within hours of it going on the market and an offer in that night. She provided me with solid intel and advice throughout the process, pointed out potential issues I should consider, etc.

Throughout the process I always knew she had my best interests in mind. She genuinely wanted to help me find my dream place - and she did! I would highly recommend her and am sure I'll work with her again when the time comes."




Mia Tucker and Evan Klarich

"If you're reading this review, consider yourself lucky that you found Laura...We read Laura's reviews and decided to set up an appointment.  Best decision we made.  She really knows what she is doing.  

She is experienced, knowledgeable, easy to work with and very responsive. She also saved us a ton of money with her keen negotiating skills.  But what impressed us the most about Laura is that she was truly looking out for our best interests.  Not one time in the entire process did we ever feel even the slightest amount of pressure.  In fact, Laura was quick to point out all the reasons why we shouldn't buy the particular place we were looking at.  She genuinely wants all of her clients to find a place they will be happy living in for years.  

We're writing this review from our new place, all thanks to Laura, and we couldn't be happier."



John and Gloria Warren

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your help in guiding us through the recent sale of our property at 26th St.

To those who may not know Laura, just let us say that she is the ultimate professional when it comes to Real Estate negotiation. This is the second property that she has helped us sell, so as repeat customers, we know of what we speak. You don't go back a second time unless you are completely satisfied with initial performance.

Selling property in San Francisco can be quite an ordeal these days with all the new laws and regulations involved. Laura handled negotiations flawlessly. We consider her both a business partner and a friend."



Shouvik Banerjee

"I came to Laura in December of 2011 as a first-time home buyer, not knowing a thing about the market.  Six months later, I closed on a 2 br / 2ba in Potrero Hill that has already appreciated about 15%!  During the first 2 months, she got me educated on the marketplace - helping me understand the tradeoffs of different neighborhoods.  She also used this time to understand how I value different attributes of a place . . . :  Within a month, she figured out my preferences and could quickly determine the 2 or 3 places a week that were a fit.

She's not pushy at all - and instead, helps frame your choices.  In fact, there were 2 places I was ready to bid on - and Laura walked me back, and helped me evaluate if they really fit my needs or if I was just caught in hype.  She knows the market - and understands its quirks.  In a super-competitive SF market, her judgment is helpful in avoiding inflated property prices.  She doesn't hand-hold clients, and instead sends them lots of information over email.  I prefer this approach, since it meant I could work on my own schedule.

Laura really distinguished herself after I found a place I liked.  She's excellent at developing a bidding strategy, and helped me close without entering a massive bidding war.  She also has a network of mortgage brokers, inspectors, and others that can make the closing process a breeze. This is a huge advantage when you are bidding - the sellers' realtors know that Laura's clients will not drop the ball due to logistics. After the sale, Laura stayed in touch - and helped me find a handyman to take care of a few things to remodel in the home.

Overall, Laura's got an easy-going, fact-based, and logical approach.  She's a great fit if you like to think things through at your pace, make decisions based on facts, and want an agent that can help your frame the key decision points."



Steve Wu

"Just bought my first home in SF.  When I began my search, I had literally no idea which neighborhoods I wanted to live in.  Throughout the entire process, Laura was patient, personable, and honest.  She never hesitated to explain why she thought a particular listing wasn't the right fit for me.  In a tough, supply-constrained market, she arranged for me to view properties before they were listed on MLS.  As a result, I got an incredible deal on my first (and only) offer, which I was able to put in before anyone else even saw the property.  If you are looking for a new home, I highly recommend Laura!"



Julie Mak and Steve Chang

"I'm wondering what I can add to all the wonderful - and true - things that others have written about working with Laura. We just purchased a home with her and found her to be very responsive, really refreshing, and extremely sharp. I am sure she saved us from some bad decisions and saved us money as well! From the start, I was very impressed with how Laura wanted to know how we lived and what what we needed and wished for in a home - it's more than how many bedrooms and how many baths - with every house, she helped us think about how we would use each room, and whether the house would meet our needs.

I very quickly came to think of Laura as the trusted 'voice of reason.' My husband and I were easily tempted by houses - especially since we were under pressure from our landlord to move out of our rental, which was also getting to be cramped quarters for our family. Laura was the one to remind us of our goals and told us multiple times that we should 'wait for the right house,' 'wait for something we love,' and not buy something that was stretching our budget. When we found our house, Laura was again the 'voice of reason' and played devil's advocate to make sure we really wanted to move forward. Once we did, we were impressed by how efficient and savvy she was with arranging an array of helpful inspections and helping negotiate what we felt was a fair deal with a tough seller.

Thank you, Laura, for your hard work, patience, and dedication!"



Vicki Van Ausdall

"I just successfully sold my house--got multiple offers above asking in only 16 days! . . . Laura is very charming, outgoing and friendly -- exactly the type of person you want to represent you at your open houses -- and she is also very savvy and smart. I feel like Laura priced my house exactly right in order to get the most traffic possible to the open houses . . . I had never sold a house before, and mine needed a bunch of work prior to the open house, so it would have been easy for me to become completely overwhelmed by the process. But Laura had great references for all sorts of contractors--the best I've ever used (I wish I'd had access to these contractors all the years I'd owned my house, ha ha)--and helped me decide what needed fixing, what didn't, and whom to hire to get it all done . . . The sale went as smoothly as could be, sailed through escrow, and we negotiated a 1-month free rentback so that I would not be rushed out the door once I needed to move. I can't imagine a more helpful person!"



Jessie and Mike San Galli

"Laura is fabulous! My husband and I first met with Laura at the end of October and a month later we were signing the closing documents on the most adorable house ever.  I think if we had worked with a different agent we would still be sadly searching.  Laura had a number of strategies that helped make our offer stand out in a competitive market. I'm not going to give them away, but I think they made the difference. She was extremely timely and responsive by e-mail and phone, like more than she needed to be, but I appreciated it.  I sent her some very early and very late e-mails, not expecting a response until business hours, but always received quick and thoughtful replies. She was also wonderful about communicating with the agents of any properties we were interested in. She knows everyone and was able to get us fast and helpful information. Laura really went above and beyond for us, and we are so grateful!!"



Courtney Sinsky and Michael Gaiman

"Thanks to Laura, we've just moved into our wonderful Noe Valley condo! I initially found her via Yelp where she was highly reviewed.  In working with her since then we've found her to be highly responsive with her communications, insightful with her suggestions, and pleasant to work with.  She especially shines in helping to navigate the craziness of multiple bidders and counter-offers that most aspiring homeowners in San Francisco face.  With her help we were able to put together an offer that was accepted after only our second attempt. After the offer was accepted, Laura continued working hard for us: she monitored the deal and gave us timely updates, she put together a competent team of inspectors, and she gave good advice on what to fight for and what to let go of during the inspection negotiations. All in all, we had a good experience with Laura.  You will too!"



Dorota Jozefiak

"I highly recommend Laura Kaufman as your real estate agent . . . Laura is very organized and punctual making it very easy to plan your life around all the important milestones of real estate sale. She's technologically savvy - through docusign I could sign the relevant documents virtually without having to go to the office. Laura is very knowledgeable about the market. Her great marketing efforts resulted in many showings of the condo outside of the normal Sunday open house, sometimes multiple times during the day... which eventually translated to offers and closing the deal after only 19 days.

Laura lays out all the facts so you as a seller can make the most informed decision. She doesn't push you to do anything, she's objective and at the same time down to earth and personable. Having small children herself, she could relate very well to our situation where we've outgrown the 1 bedroom space and were looking for something bigger. She was also very conscious of nap time of our toddler and was very flexible in planning around it. I loved how regularly Laura updated me on any developments in the process, whether it was via email or phone. I never felt I was out of the loop. Laura is an awesome real estate professional - she made the whole process so easy and I would highly recommend her!"



Cecilia Yoshida

"Laura Kaufman is a dream come true--a true advocate and professional partner.  She worked with me for more than a year, guiding and supporting me through every step of my search for a SF condo.  For starters, laura's responsiveness and support was over the top, 110%, no exaggeration. She responded to email messages right away, called to follow up, stayed up late more than once to get my offers done, and even took care of my mortgage prequalification during her vacation. 

And then there's her knowledge and professional expertise.  My situation involved a 1031 exchange with a tight timeframe and had  specific requirements and deadlines.  Laura's experience with the lender and escrow entities was invaluable in closing my transaction flawlessly.  She also provided the resources I needed, but more importantly, she helped me understand the pros and cons and potential issues to consider with each possible transaction. She's not just experienced and real estate saavy, but she's also keenly observant and thoughtful in her advice.

The biggest plus is knowing that my interests were in good hands with Laura.  When in frustration, I decided to search outside san francisco, laura referred me to other agents without hesitation. Later again, she resumed my search in SF, always keeping me up to date and informed.  When my bid was finally successful and near closing, laura made sure my warranties, credits and repairs, etc.,were covered."



John Duval and Maxime Ko

"When we were looking for our first home, our ambitions were quite lofty . . . Admittedly we started out skeptical of what a buyers agent would do - from an outsider's perspective, isn't everything you need to know on the Internet?

But after going through this process for the first time, we would say no, most of what you need to know is *not* on the Internet, and Laura was a terrific and knowledgeable guide throughout the process.  Besides being a great person to work with, Laura was very responsive about answering questions, working with a stressful and fast-paced deal process, most of all, serving and advocating for our interests as a home buyer. With Laura as our guide, we avoided many costly mistakes . . .

We are thrilled with our new home - we would enthusiastically work with Laura again on any subsequent home purchase, and highly recommend her to anyone considering an agent."



Elaine and David West

"Laura helped us sell our one bedroom condo in Noe Valley.  It was a tough market . . . we found ourselves without offers after a couple of weeks of active marketing.  Laura designed and implemented a strategy - lowering the price significantly but then opening bids on a date certain - that led to multiple offers, one of them comfortably above asking.  We sealed the deal with that buyer.

Throughout the process, Laura was on top of every detail and in very close communication with us.  There were absolutely no surprises as Laura anticipated every step, either handling them herself or giving us plenty of support on those things we had to attend to personally. Her advice was spot on and timely - all we had to do was follow it. Laura is a true professional and we were VERY lucky to have her on our side."



Joe Wong

"Laura was a trusted partner. Before I worked with her, I always have been a bit unsure on the role of real estate agents. In this day and age, can't I just go on Redfin and find something myself? I've worked with a few before and they never seemed to add much to the process. Laura, however, is definitely one of the very few agents who does not fit this stereotype . Right off the bat, she actually spends the time to try to understand what you are looking for, and this goes beyond the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Her network also allows her to show me listings that aren't on the market yet. When you've seen a place that you like, she knows what to look for (things that inexperienced buyers may miss) and points out the pros and cons of the place. She never ever pressures you into something and will work with you as long as it takes to find a place that you are happy with. But more importantly, she will play devil's advocate and makes sure the place you want to bid on is actually a place you will be happy with--not just tomorrow but in the long term.

During negotiations, Laura has proven to be very astute and was able to solicit valuable information to help me make an informed decision. Once under contract, she manages everything from the inspection to setting up appointments with contractors. Without her, the escrow period would undoubtedly have been a lot more chaotic! In my situation, a few things came up during the home inspection, and Laura was able to convince a very difficult seller to give me a fairly large credit!

On a personal side, Laura is simply a joy to work with. She is SUPER responsive (sometimes I wonder if she sleeps) and I have no doubt she makes every client feel equally as important. I will miss our frequent interactions, but should I ever decide to sell my place, Laura will be the first person I call!



Dr. David Chang and Laurie Browne

"Laura is absolutely fantastic.  She has gone above and beyond what we ever would have expected from a real estate agent.  We are first time homebuyers and were a little intimidated by the process.  Laura’s knowledge and diligence helped make us feel comfortable throughout the entire process from start to finish.  Her dependability and honesty sets her apart.  We always felt like she had our best interests at heart, which really allowed us to trust her advice.  She was always available to discuss any aspect of our purchase, or to answer questions. 

Since moving into our house, when we thought her job would have been done, she has continued to help us as we get settled into our new home. We feel very lucky to have met and befriended Laura and would highly recommend her without reservations."



Rebecca and Marco Molina

"Laura supported us in the sale of our house throughout each and every step.  From helping us developing a timeline . . . to executing a comprehensive marketing plan, and offering timely superb advice throughout the escrow process, we were confident in our approach throughout the process even during this very challenging market for a seller. 

We ended up getting multiple offers above our asking price, and even with challenges from lenders, successfully closed escrow in record time.  I can't thank her enough!!"



Julie Greenfield

"Laura helped me buy my first home and was great to work with. Our working relationship was brief because I found something I wanted very quickly. There was already an offer on the condo I wanted and Laura kept me up to date on everything that happened. I was new to the process and she managed to explain it clearly without being patronizing. She stayed in constant contact with me through every step. Laura was incredibly responsive. She wrote my offer and went over disclosures with me while she was on a family vacation to make sure that I did not miss my chance!

Laura was also great in knowing what questions to ask that I may not think of. I also believe she was sincere in providing opinions which is invaluable when you are making big decisions for the first time. Laura has continued to be helpful after closing with referrals and keeping me up to date on the market. I am very happy in my new home and would refer someone to Laura without hesitation."



Dr. Lee Morse and Dr. Ngoc Pham

"Laura was there for us EVERY step of the way. Believe it or not, we found a perfect place soon after Laura had her 2nd baby -- it's crazy but she was out and about SHOWING us places the week after her delivery (even though we were happy to work with her assistant at that time)!!! Her turn around time is ridiculously fast with most of the paperwork done via email/online so we had copies of everything. Neither my husband and I have much free time at all, not even on the weekends, but she made it work.

We also had a very unique and complicated situation with our finances and she was able to refer us to someone who was able to get us exactly the type of loan we needed. She never pressured us to buy at all and really tried to show us places that were within the price range and with the features we requested. She's really a down to earth person who's extremely reliable and I would definitely use her again."



Matt Dahlman and Angela Luscombe

"We loved working with Laura! We were first time buyers with no clue about how to go about buying a house.  Laura was great at explaining the whole process and walking us through everything.  She helped us set (and stick to!) our goals so that we are now the proud owners of our first home and we are so happy!

Laura is great to work with.  She is very responsive, very thorough and always available.  As a mother of a toddler and a baby I didn't have a lot of free time so Laura would go to all the open houses of any listings that matched our criteria and would let me know which ones she thought were worth my time to see and which were not . . . When we were ready to put in an offer, Laura guided and supported us through the process (both the physical and the emotional side!).  And when our offer was accepted, Laura was with us every step of the way . . .

We can't recommend her enough!"



Freek and Michelle Van de Braak

"We have worked with Laura on three different real estate deals and are completely satisfied with the work she did for us. She helped us buy our first condo during a very tough time for buyers and then subsequently helped sell our same condo at a great price in a tough time for sellers.

She was able to act quickly when we needed her to help us buy our home and sell our condo - leveraging her connections to help her do so. We would and have highly recommend Laura as a real estate agent to our friends in San Francisco."



Justin Uyemura

"For first-time homebuyers the real estate game is pretty intimidating. I knew going in that finding the right agent for my needs was one of the most important things for me to do. I was referred to Laura by my cousin who raved about her.  Right from the get go I knew she was a perfect fit. The first time we went out to look at houses wasn't to find a place - it was to educate me on the market and to get a feel for what I wanted and what I should expect to be able to afford. I mean, how many people would take their time out to slowly bring me up to speed?

One thing you can be sure about Laura is that she's on your side and will go to bat for you. She's very responsive and very knowledgeable. I can say with 100% confidence that without Laura, I would never have gotten my place. I am recommending her to all my friends and family."



Hulette Family

"My husband and I are so thankful to have met Laura!  She was truly an excellent partner in our home search.  If you are a first-time homebuyer, it is crucial to have someone on your side who knows how to navigate the San Francisco market.  Laura was that person for us.  Although you can easily find properties online, we learned quickly that a realtor's advice is invaluable.  Laura was honest about the pros *and* the cons of the places we looked at, never pressured us to make an offer, and her expert eye helped us figure out the things we really wanted.  And when it finally came time for us to make offers, Laura made sure we understood the complicated paperwork and process.

The SF market is not an easy one to navigate!  We were involved in several multiple offer situations, and Laura's advice helped us keep calm and focused.  She was also extremely accessible which is a must for such a stressful time.  We eventually got an offer accepted on a house... but her work didn't stop there!  She quickly arranged our inspections, and made sure to be there in person while the very thorough inspections were completed.  She even gave us her own appointment with a contractor (Laura was selling her own house at the time) when it turned out we needed an additional opinion on some structural work for the house!  On top of all of that, Laura is personable, down-to-earth, and super friendly.  We are really happy with our home purchase and couldn't have done it without her.  We can't recommend her enough!"



Angie Pfahnl

"After bad experiences with two other realtors, I called Laura after a referral from a friend.  She was immediately helpful and willing to work with me and my limited budget.  

During the entire process, Laura explained everything clearly, gave excellent advice, and asked questions about properties that I would have never thought to. She was present and helpful every step of the way and very easy to communicate with.  Laura helped me purchase my first home and I am so excited and grateful!  I definitely recommend her."



Martin Wicke and Sue Yoon

"We just bought our first home.
Being newbies to the entire process, we really depended on Laura for seasoned advice, general real estate knowledge and patience.  We began our process in November, and six months later, we placed our first bid and it was accepted!  There were 3 other bids on that property, and we believe, that Laura's advice to (i) go with our best bid for the first offer and (ii) write a letter to the sellers was instrumental in our offer being accepted. In fact, the sellers liked our letter so much, that they did not ask the bidders for counters, but only asked the other bidders to come up to our level (which two of the three others did).

Laura also stood out in her dependability. She was always accessible, for our first-timer questions (either via email or phone). In addition, she always kept us abreast of the situation, giving us weekly and sometimes daily updates.

Finally, she made the process easy. We could always shuttle the paperwork back and forth via fax, email or some Web-based service.  We appreciated Laura's honesty and her ability to answer all of our questions in a strightforward manner, and recommend her to anyone wishing to buy a home in San Francisco."



Bill and Rachel Orcutt

"We had a terrific experience working with Laura . . .  As first time homebuyers, we interviewed several agents before choosing her, and have been thoroughly pleased with our decision.  She has a great mix of professionalism and warmth that make her seem more like a friend with expertise than someone you hire.

Laura was our advocate throughout the year-long search and purchase process, a patient, good-natured resource and partner.  We never felt rushed or pushed into a transaction, and if anything she was the voice of reason keeping us on track and discouraging us from pursuing the charming fixer upper when we all knew what we really wanted and needed something move-in ready.

We appreciated how responsive Laura is, always quick to provide a helpful reply to any question, and also proactive, sending over useful bits of information or advice, checking in often but never excessively. She absolutely follows through and there is never any doubt that she will do what she says she will do, and often more. Laura's work is consistently high quality, and she is energetic and engaged, cares about doing a good job, and gets results."



Dr. Prasanna Jagannathan and Jackie Kuwada

"Laura is amazing. We were first time home buyers and were referred to her by a friend, and quickly realized how lucky we were to be referred to her! She is SO accessible and reliable, goes out of her way to get to know you and what you are looking for, and is, most importantly, a true advocate for your best interests - VERY important qualities in this real estate market.

When we were about to put in an offer on a single family home after looking for only 2 weeks, she encouraged us to step back and not rush the process. At that point, we immediately realized that she had our best interests at heart. Once we found a condo we could afford and would allow us to live comfortably and happily over the next 5-7 years, she helped us complete a competitive offer that was well under asking.

But it didn't stop there. Laura was a true advocate throughout the closing period, calling the sellers and our mortgage broker repeatedly to make sure that everything happened honestly and on time. When we finally received our keys and moved into our new place, we realized that there was no way it could have happened so smoothly without her guidance.

And, even after moving in, she still checks in with us to make sure everything is going well. If you don't have a real estate agent yet, please don't miss out on working with her!"



Maria Morelli

"Thank GOD for Laura.  As a first time home buyer in a market as high-stakes (and intimidating) as San Francisco, she -- in her calm, knowledgeable, and disarming way-- guided me through the process of finding my home, making an offer, negotiating the terms of the contract, and beyond (I continue to consult Laura about home-improvement resources).  

One of the most wonderful aspects of Laura's guidance is the integrity she brings to her work.  I so implicitly trusted her to give me sound and honest feedback/advice as I attempted to navigate what can be a surprisingly emotional process of finding a home in a competitive market.  I never felt pushed.  In fact, a few times I "loved" a place, and Laura gently pointed out reasons she did not think it was right for me.  Laura is not in this for making a quick buck; she scrutinizes the options and provides honest feedback about the pros and cons of each place.  This is an invaluable quality in a realtor,   and in a friend.  I am thankful to have Laura as both.  AND a gorgeous new home to boot!



Glenn Keighley

So coming as a neophyte to real estate in general, I was looking for an agent to work with who could shepherd my partner and I through a process that some people have referred to as 'the most stressful thing you'll ever do.' 

Honestly at this point I'm not sure what all the fuss is about since Laura did such a great job of helping us through the process. We started working with her after a few months lurking around diverse open houses vacillating over whether or not we were ready to get into the market . . . she did a great job of quickly grasping our tastes, making good use of our weekends to recommend properties that were in line with the kind of ideal that we were searching for us. She also did a good job of introducing us to areas of the city that we'd not previously contemplated while keeping our underlying requirements in mind.

When we were ready to start making offers on homes, she really facilitated the inevitable learning curve that I think all first time buyers must go through as you learn what works in a given marketplace. Throughout this process I really must commend her on her efficiency - for all you guys with impossible schedules Laura is the perfect agent for you! We handled the vast majority of correspondence, document signing and discussions over email and cellphone at the various diverse times that I was able to manage. I can't imagine how much time this saved from the overall process. Laura's extremely responsive over email and the phone really made the difference for me.

When we had an offer accepted, she worked proactivey with our mortgage broker and the seller's agent to ensure the escrow process went smoothly . . . I'd recommend Laura to anyone without reservation." 



Lisa and Mika Newton

"Working with Laura was a great experience!

We had bought real estate several times before, but never in San Francisco. Laura was extremely helpful and because of her diligence and responsiveness we were able to make an offer on the perfect home for us in Hayes Valley based on a preview of the property.

Laura is a top notch professional and we would highly recomend working with her." 



Tracy Akresh

"Even though she claims otherwise, I think I was one of Laura’s more challenging clients. :) I began looking for a condo right as the market started to turn down; and about a year later, after two offers that got rejected for being too low, I got a great deal.  I was very happy that Laura didn’t give up on me. And once we got going, Laura did a fantastic job ensuring that no “i” was left un-dotted and no “t” was left uncrossed.

Being a first time buyer is daunting, and Laura is great at taking care of all the details and making sure that our tight financing deadlines and timelines were in compliance. She also hooked me up with a great mortgage broker and lots of great contractors, inspectors and other folks to help with the decision making process.  And I am thrilled to be a home-owner in a condo that met all of my requirements!"



Jane Wang

"Laura helped me purchase my first home. She is very smart, efficient, thorough, and well-organized. She has a lot of knowledge and experiences with San Francisco neighborhoods: whenever I had questions, she always offered information from a friend or client who lived right in that zipcode. That piece of personal touch was invaluable for me.

Laura listens well and remembered what I needed. I have a lot of personal preferences and she kept track of those, so when I worked with her, I felt that she truly was representing me instead of just a customer.

She also negotiates well and fairly: she went through a loooong (6 hour) inspection and was able to negotiate a sizable credit, all with good data to back it up. I was also very happy/thankful with her follow-ups after the close: contractor coupons and recommendations, suggestions for some minor fixes, etc. As a first time home buyer, I feel that I've received a lot of attention and she's been quite patient with the entire process.

I would recommend Laura to anyone looking to buy in San Francisco: I'm confident that she is trust-worthy, capable, and fair."



Ayse Hortacsu and Pete Richards

"Working with Laura completely changed our view of the role of realtors in the real estate business. As avid internet-age web surfers and blog readers, we thought that we had all the resources we needed at our fingertips to find the perfect home for our family. Fortunately, at the insistence of friends, we hired Laura and learned that working with an experienced realtor has a lot of benefits besides getting access to not-yet-public listings.

In the kindest way possible, Laura was able to ground our expectations, reminding us of our priorities which we happened to forget about at the sight of each pretty facade, and thus encouraged healthy communication between us to discuss the pros and cons of homes with clear heads. She never rushed us into buying a home that she did not believe was right for us. At the end of two months, we were able to refocus on our priorities and finally found a house that met all of our criteria. Once we said the word, Laura stepped in to act very quickly, went out of her way to make the right arrangements, and coached us as we put an together an offer for the sellers. Even in today's slow market, we believe that we would not have been able to get our beautiful house without her decisive and quick-acting skills.

Now that we are home owners in San Francisco, we are still keeping in touch with Laura. She is a great resource for remodeling information, both out of her personal experience with her home, and from her previous clients."



Nate Faerber and Martha White

"Laura was a completely committed advocate for our first home purchase. She accompanied us to showings, assisted with financing contacts, kept us up-to date with regular phone calls and emails, attended inspections, and got us into contract although a higher offer was outstanding. We found a home within our price range that exceeded our expectations, and the entire process from start to close took less than two months.

A few years ago during our first foray into the real estate market, we had an agent who pushed quick-sale new construction condos even though we wanted a single family residence.  Working with Laura is an entirely different and lovely experience.  She not only respected our wishes, she convinced us to aim higher.  If we were wowed by a home's exterior, she would remind us to check the its internal systems. Laura wanted us to have a perfect home more than she wanted a sale, and her attitude helped us to be patient and wait for the right property.  Instead of the fixer upper we first considered, we now have a fully renovated and move-in ready home within the same price range and neighborhood. We are very excited!!"



Lucy and Todd Johns

"This is our second real estate transaction with Laura as 8 years ago she helped us buy the condo we just sold in Noe Valley.  We were even more impressed this time around with Laura's work (along with the work of her teammate Amanda Martin).  Laura knew the market, the comparable sales, the right people to contact to get quick last minute work done to update the property and get ready to sell, and the right timing to optimize our chances for a favorable selling experience.  She worked quickly and efficiently to keep all the moving pieces in line and was again a pleasure to work with.

We received 8 strong offers on our property and were beyond pleased with the quality of the offers, the communication with all parties involved and with how Laura was a true trusted advisor throughout.  I highly recommend her!"



Caroline Ayres and Bethica Quinn

"Laura is the reason we live in this beautiful house today.

We approached her with a seemingly impossible request: How could we gain more space for our growing family and to open a new preschool business, without spending more per month than we were paying on our old house?

Laura really went the extra mile, in finding us a new place to live and negotiating a price we could afford as well as in marketing our old place to get us the offers we needed to make the whole thing work."



Dr. Jessica Morse and Jason Davis

"Fabulous -- that’s how we would describe the service we received from Laura while purchasing our first home in San Francisco. We have used several very good realtors in other parts of the country over the past 8 years, however, our experience with Laura was far superior.

Her attention to detail, her accessibility, and her desire to get us the best deal on our home were just a start. Laura went out of her way to find a more competitive lender for a TIC fractionalization loan – saving us consider long-term interest expenses. She also made certain that all the little things that make a home comfortable and enjoyable were addressed by the Seller – including the installation of a new, high-end washer and dryer for the building.

And, she also made it a priority to attend all the home inspections and signing/closing meetings and was more than willing to work around our busy schedules, even meeting us at our apartment sometimes.

While it is a given that Laura offers thorough, professional, excellent service, she is also a very sweet person. We are going to miss her regular progress reports. Thank you very much Laura, it was a really pleasure!"



Adam Rosen

"Laura was a real pleasure to work with. It's difficult to navigate the process of buying a home, especially in a competitive market like San Francisco. Laura paid great attention to all the details involved.

She was there at every step along the way to ensure that I felt comfortable with the decisions I was making and that I understood my options.  I felt that the offers I wrote with her guidance were competitive and sound.

When I needed to find a TIC partner for a couple of the initial offers I wanted to write, she was also instrumental in matching me with good people. Additionally, her contacts -- from inspectors to mortgage brokers to contractors -- were, and continue to be, a great asset. 

I would not hesitate to work with Laura again in the future."



James and Jen Beser, Ania and Glenn Lyday

"Laura was great to work with as we purchased a TIC through a probate sale.  She was instrumental in helping us migrate through the policies and procedures of such a unique home purchase.

More impressively, even after we closed, Laura has continued to assist us with referrals for contractors of all types and also still provides us with advice in improving our home.

She truly was and still is a partner with us during the entire process. Thanks for everything, Laura!"



Nicole Imberger and Aaron Sevier

"Laura was wonderful to work with and made us feel very comfortable. From the very beginning stages and throughout the sale and closing, she used an incredible process to stay organized and was attentive to every detail.  She was especially helpful getting the house ready to go onto the market so that it looked the best it could.  

We really appreciate how well Laura took care of us and highly recommend her."



Dr. Robert Li

"Laura's help was invaluable. She takes the time to get to know you and to understand your tastes and particular needs.  I felt very comfortable that she had my best interests at heart - she was very frank in her assessments of properties and what they were worth (or not worth).    

Once I made the decision to buy, she put together a bid that saved me a significant amount of money in closing costs and held my hand throughout the entire escrow process. Working with Laura made the whole home buying experience a delight, and I would certainly use her again!"



Mike Allen and Beth Murphy

"Laura's hard nosed commitment, unique persistence and personal touch helped us purchase our new Victorian house in Bernal.  A rare combination of trusted advisor, teacher and patient therapist, she is a true delight to work with.  Her professionalism and outstanding service is noted by her peers and business associates - you know you're in good hands when the selling agent raves about your realtor before you close escrow!

An invaluable asset as you attempt to stand out in a sea of faceless bids and manage the sometimes devilish details of home purchase, Laura comes highly recommended to our friends and colleagues!"



Dr. Dan Mairani and Lisa Kruglov

"We cannot thank you enough for all of your assistance and attention. Your quality of service is what we long for from others whom we do business with. Unfortunately, we tend to walk away feeling ill served.

This time, we walk away thankful, happy, pleased with our purchase and ready to do business with you again in the nearest future. In addition, we feel like we’ve made a new neighborhood friend.

We thank you for your time, energy, efficiency, patience and your smile that was delivered with each encounter."



Ed Montoya

"As a first time buyer, I found Laura to be tremendously helpfulShe really hustles to provide great service.  For example, she provided a weekly update of relevant comps. This was critical to being informed and confident when I finally bid on my condo (which I got below the list price). 

In addition, she provided useful insights on how to approach submitting an offer. Lastly, Laura approaches her job with a passion and a sincere desire to provide the highest quality information and advice.



Jennifer Anderson and Kate Wherry

"What a great experience! Finding a two-unit TIC building for condo conversion is incredibly difficult, and we got into escrow on the first property we bid on, within a few months of starting our search!  There is absolutely no doubt that we would not be the owners of such a property right now without Laura's help.

Laura was easy and fun to work with; organized, flexible and honest. She signed us up for a workshop to learn about TIC ownership, kept us informed of proposed condo-conversion policy changes and even attended a rally in support of TIC conversions. She got us the inside scoop on prices, bidding and inspection reports on numerous properties we liked...but where Laura really impressed us was in closing the deal. She presented our offer in person and made sure that it stood out from the other eighteen offers, even though it was not the highest in price."



Jenni Lee

"Being new to San Francisco and a first-time home buyer, I definitely appreciated Laura's deep knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market, expertise in her field, attention to detail, and most of all, her candor. 

Thank you for everything!  I love my new home!" 



Vincent Sanchez

"Laura was the key to a pleasant and stress-free home buying experience!

I was especially pleased with the way she kept in close contact, letting me know what was happening during every step of the process. She also hooked me up with people who made the escrow process easy.

Laura is concerned with her keeping her clients happy above all else!



Ben and Kathleen McKeever

"Laura was a delight to work with on both the sale of our condo in Noe Valley and the purchase of our home in Bernal Heights. Her diligence and detail-oriented approach enabled us to efficiently search for our new house without many wasted trips to open- houses weekend after weekend.

The sale of our condo was a huge success thanks to Laura's thorough marketing and willingness to go the extra mile. We felt lucky to have had Laura on our side during this process and absolutely recommend her to others." 



Dr. Darya Soto

"Laura helped me find my home within two weeks.  After our discussion of my preferences, she set to work in a very efficient and diligent manner.  When by chance I found my house just before leaving overseas on vacation, this did not slow Laura down.  In fact, we did most of the signing and discussions regarding bidding by Internet, fax and long-distance phone calls.  She helped me give the sellers the winning offer and bid, which remained in my price range. 

In addition, Laura gives the utmost enthusiasm in every step of the process and thus was a delight to work with.  She was always on top of every detail during the entire process, a quality that not only impressed me but also my mortgage broker.  I highly recommend her as a top-notch real estate agent and I plan to use her again if the opportunity arises."



Kelly Outis and Jeff Reine

"As first-time buyers, we were grateful for Laura's patience in walking us through the entire home-buying process, from determining what we were looking for to helping us move quickly and efficiently once we found the home we wanted.  We had a very relaxed timeline, and Laura stuck with us for several months, keeping us up to date on market shifts and availability in an organized, efficient manner.

Since we've closed, Laura has continued to act on our behalf, making sure that all of the details have been taken care of and helping us make the transition to home ownership a smooth one. Thanks, Laura!"



John Carr

"Working with Laura was great. The thing I liked most about Laura was her determination and perserverance. I was a first time homebuyer and I had a very difficult time deciding which neighborhood I wanted to live. Laura was very patient with me. She really took an interest in what was important to me. Laura spent a lot of time touring me through the various neighborhoods to help me narrow my search.

I also very much appreciated all of Laura's knowledge of the process. I had never purchased a home before and Laura was there every step of the way. She gave great advice and helped me think of things I did not know I was supposed to think. Laura was great at summarizing the mountans documents involved in the closing process.

I truly enjoyed Laura's honesty and integrity. I never felt that she was just out to earn a commission. Instead, Laura always had my best interest in mind. There were many times when Laura told me that something was not worth the price or that the house needed too much work or was not in the right neighborhood, and so on. It was great not feeling pressured into a huge purchase.

Just over a year after I bought my house I relocated out of the country for work. I of course called Laura to sell my house. Laura was just a strong on the seller side as she was on the buyer side.



Tod Puckett and Sarah Beamish

"We had been looking to buy our first home for over two years and could never find the right real estate agent or house until we were lucky enough to meet Laura. Laura was never pushy or fake. She followed up about everything immediately and was always accessible, honest, patient and reliable. She helped make our offer competitive and personal, keeping us informed every step of the way.

Laura continues to help us out even after we closed on our house. Her contacts and referrals have been especially trustworthy and helpful. We would not have bought our first house in San Francisco without her help and expertise!"



Stacie McConnell

"Being a first time home buyer, I was completely intimidated by the San Francisco real estate market. Having Laura by my side to guide me gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to get through this exciting and sometimes stressful process.

Her attention to detail and concern for her clients' best interests is a tremendous asset. I truly felt that I could trust her 100%. Laura's experience and honesty make her not only a great realtor but also a good friend."



Yoko and Eric

"It has been a lot of fun working with Laura. Her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm helped us refine our search. She took the time to develop a real understanding of our wants and needs. As a result, we were able to get the perfect condo for us.  Laura went "above and beyond" the entire time.  She is a realtor with perseverence, honesty, and integrity.



Jennifer Samuelson

"Laura is knowledgeable, honest, and professional.  But I believe her most valued asset is her ability to care for each client as if he/she were her only one. Laura listened to my needs and supported my decisions.  She got me into my first home not by pressuring me, but by taking the extra time to ensure my happiness. She also went the extra mile to personally submit my offer. I have recommended Laura to both colleagues and friends, and I will definitely use Laura in the future when I decide to sell my home and buy another."



Joleen Soo

"I was referred to Laura by my friend Fiona, and true to her word, Laura went above and beyond my friend's glowing recommendation. Imagine a friend who is honest and straightforward, has your best interests at heart and happens to know a whole lot about real estate - and you get Laura. 

She goes to great lengths to make sure you get what you want, is able to anticipate what you will like, and most importantly is incredibly meticulousabout all the details that go into finding a new home.  What differentiated Laura from other agents I have worked with is that Laura is not afraid to tell you to wait, to tell you it's a bad deal, and to tell you "too expensive!". It is NOT about a fast deal with her, but about the perfect deal for you. I felt very lucky to have Laura clear the path to my amazing new home!"



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